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Professor Marcel Ya. Bickbau

Founder and Chairman

Marcel Yanovich Bickbau — physiochemist, famous scientist in materials science, author of the first discovery in physics and chemistry of silicates registered in the USSR State Register of Discoveries, #210, pHd in Chemistry, Founder and Director General of Moscow Institute of Material Science and Efficient Technologies for 26 years, Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

M.Ya. Bickbau was the first who put into practice single-crystal synthesis and interpreted the atomic structure of lime silicates and other cement minerals; developed production technologies for Nano-cements and alinite cements.

The innovative approach allowed M.Ya. Bickbau to create the new prospect in the science of materials and components: nano-, micro- and macro- encapsulation of various dispersions is used to obtain new properties of materials and products. These ideas lead to invention of the new technology, based on mechanochemical activation resulting in nano-encapsulation of cement particles. This technology of Nano cement production provides for dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and production costs. M.Ya. Bickbau was the first who developed the technology of microencapsulation of granulated materials (claydite gravel, chip) with the binding shell to obtain lightweight concrete - KAPSIMET, which is widely used in buildings and road construction; the unique energy saving equipment was created for fine crushing, mechanochemical activation and encapsulation of various materials. For his achievements M.Ya Bickbau was nominated for Nobel Prize in 2012. 

nanocement, clinker replacement

David Howard Campbell

Global Head of Business Development

David H. Campbell holds Masters Degree in Economics and Finance and Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Prior to joining Moscow IMET International, he has been successfully working in automotive business intelligence in  North America, South America, UK, Europe, Russia, in the Middle East and African countries.

Mr. Campbell promotes the Nano cement technology in GCC region, African countries and the rest of the world. He developed economically viable business model customised to suit a specific market. Mr.Campbell completed a few successful projects to implement the technology. He is also responsible for adopting the standard system applicable to products produced with the technology and the product marketing strategy; organised patenting of the Nano cement technology in UAE. He is in charge of organising industrial trials in UAE and Africa. 

low carbon cemet, nanocemnt

Ekaterina Campbell

Director of Communications

Ekaterina Campbell holds Bachelor Degree in Soil Chemistry and Environmental Science. She has been successfully working in the USA, Russia and the UAE.

Ekaterina is responsible for communication process between the Russian Headquarters and other parties. Ekaterina has organised and carried out a few nanocement projects in different countries making sure successful outcome. 

nanocement, low carbon cement
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