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Multifunctional concretes of new generation

High Performance Concrete on Nanocement

A new concept of creating concrete based on mechanochemical activation of Portland cement and modifying it to nano-cement has been proposed. Such concretes have a number of improved properties, including their complete impermeability to liquids and gases. Examples of applications of ultra-durable concrete based on nano-cement in extreme environmental conditions are given. 

Nowadays, it is finally recognised that when developing new concretes, the focus should be not on reducing it’s cost, but on creating more durable and technologically viable options. Such concretes are named multifunctional concretes (High Performance Concrete). The concept and the term covers concretes with such combination of properties that are impossible to achieve using conventional cements

High performance, self compacting concretes on nanocement  

Pouring self compacting, high performance concrete on Nanocement 55 in Astana, Kazakhstan. May 2017. 

Concretes based on Nano cements with sub standard fillers

Concrete on Nanocement

Professor Bikbau’s work here is dedicated to a  major problem in concrete technology: feasibility of production of high-quality, durable concrete and products based on them using significant amount of fillers (gravel, chipped stone etc.) produced during tunneling or civil engineering construction, as well as the use of different regional local non-metallic materials – chipped gravel and sand, that do not meet all the requirements of the modern state standards for concrete production.

This research attempts to solve problems pertaining to the  production of high quality, high strength concretes during construction of railways and motor ways  by utilizing raw materials such as soils of mining excavation and other local non ferrous raw materials.

Application of Nano cements not only saves considerable amount of cement in concrete production, but also, as shown by recent studies of Moscow IMET, allows to use low cost local materials for high-quality concrete production instead of expensive imported ones: non-ferrous materials that do not meet state standard criteria, including waste products of mining and fine sands.

Implementation of production and use of Nano cements in concrete technology and construction will enable a radical revision of the existing GOST standards in the direction of maximum use of local, non conditional non-metallic fillers in construction industry with significant cost savings and reduction in transportation cost.

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